From summer barbecues to winter bon fires, everybody likes a cold drink. No matter what the drink, or the time of year, we've got you covered! Enjoy a cold drink on us, whether it's in a can, bottle or water bottle. With our line of neoprene beverage holders, you've got options!

And boy, are they HANDY!

Check out the innovative neck can holder and neck bottle holder (Not intended for children under 14). These holders put the Handy in the Handy Hugger name. They feature a comfortable neoprene neck strap that allows you to "hold" your beverage while enjoying your favorite activities hands free. Another handy hugger that is convenient for those on the go is the water bottle holder that features a carabiner clip. And of course our line wouldn't be complete without the tried and true can holder and bottle holder.

You can find our Handy Hugger products in convenience stores, big box retailers, drug stores, grocery stores… basically anywhere you can buy cool stuff.

If you are a distributor or retailer and would like more information on the Handy Hugger line, or a private label or custom product, please contact us at 636-584-0187.